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Christian Prayer Guide

Praying Scripture Back to God

The Christian Prayer Guide provides 30 days of prayer that follow the acrostic framework ACTS. Christians have been using this step-by-step framework for generations to help them with their prayer life. 


ACTS, which is derived from the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew chapter 6, stands for adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication.


Each daily prompt on the App presents different scriptures that correspond with each of these steps of ACTS so that you can pray scripture back to God and have a guide for presenting your own prayer requests.

Do you struggle to pray every day?


Do you feel like your prayers are rote and directionless?


Do you need structure for your prayers?

The Solution
1. Select from the list of days and click the ‘view prayer prompt’ button.


2. Begin by reading the first verse that appears on the page.


A reading of the verse should have the affect of preparing the heart and mind for worship and prayer. Following the scripture, there is a prompt that will help you express yourself in prayer.


3. Repeat for each of the sections in the ACTS acrostic. 


Since Christians are called upon to pray for so many different things, there are several different prompts under the Supplication section. There is a theme for these prompts based on a 7-day rotation for the month. 


4. You can type your personal prayer requests in the white space provided at the end of the page. These will be saved when you exit the app.


5. When you have finished a 30-day cycle, you can start again with day 1.

This app was built in Xcode and written using Swift.





This app provides a biblical structure to prayer. We hope this app will be a blessing to you and bring glory to our God.